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Proud Papa to The Wee Man, Harry and the gorgeous Erin.. ....Oh yes, and Up the Canaries.!. (Norwich City FC), ...Why Norwich.!?
Jerry was born near Norwich in Norfolk. He then moved to live in Johor Bahru in Malaysia, close to Singapore, then to Germany before settling in N.Ireland where his parents were from.

Jerry's has been in the Northern Ireland music business in different guises for the last 40 years.

Some people may remember him from his days in Record shops throughout the country, including Caroline Music, Smyth's and the Gramophone shop, before having his own store in Bangor called Musique.

Jerry has consistently delighted listeners with his music choices for many years on radio in N. Ireland and beyond, His legendary Jerry's Jukebox Radio Show has become an institution with his many listers and supporters, in a broadcasting career which has included Downtown Radio (1985-2008) and U105 (2008-2023). He now has a series of shows on Mixcloud where people can listen for free, or on the Radio page on this site.

He has many years experience presenting live shows and discos, which are great fun, and he is contactable through the e.mail -

At Jerry Lang Photos & Posters you can find some of the odd images that I happen to come across during the day, early mornings, and evenings + a few posters from my collection

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